About Bubbagum Candy Teeth

We've all seen those fake teeth that make everyone laugh so much, but we have added a twist, these ones are edible! Thats right, the entire set of teeth is made of candy. They come complete with a set of hard candy teeth, as well as a piece of Tutti Fruiti Bubbagum, and a temporary tattoo.

Bubbagum Candy Teeth are sold at retailers around the country.


About Triple Alliance, LLC

Triple Alliance LLC is a company formed to bring you great, fun products like the Bubbagum Candy Teeth you'll find on this web-site. We are a Minnesota based company, with our office in Circle Pines, just minutes north of Minneapolis. We started in 2004 with our Year-Round Teeth, and have now expanded to cover all your seasonal needs. Please enjoy your time on our web-site.


Thank you for the visit and enjoy Bubbagum Candy Teeth!



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